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Amazing The help I have received from Ben is nothing short of a miracle !
Ben is amazing! My daughter has seen Ben a couple of times after sports related concussions. It is amazing how much he helped her with her headaches and concussion symptoms!
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Ben is unlike any other massage therapist I have experienced. He is extremely knowledgeable, passionate and genuinely interested in helping people live pain free. He addressed my knee pain that plagued me for over a year in one session and went on in subsequent sessions to teach me how to better recover after runs and improve my posture. He is a true professional and I recommend him to EVERYONE!!!
Great, respectful massage therapist. Ben truly knows the human body, fascia, and how to help where needed. He is respectful during sessions and has helped me out of injury, through injury prevention during race training, and just to relax off season. I would and do recommend him to all I know.
Forearm and back injury Ben got me back to work. I had back and right forearm pain. He showed me exercises I could continue to do to strengthen my core and supporting muscles. I highly recommend his massages and taping! Thanks Ben , you are the best!
Barbara Gardner Ferrero,LMT
Mad Skills Ben is passionate about body work and has put his time in to be more than just competent, he is a leader in our field. I am a career LMT and I respect him greatly and appreciate his devotion to our craft.
An expert at bodywork Ben helped me troubleshoot and relieve an acute injury to my lower leg. A week of walking around Disney World had not helped matters. He worked around my vacation schedule, fitting me in and working magic on the leg. He gave me suggestions and cautions for future recovery. The next day I was able to post a modest PR at the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon in pouring rain at night. There's no way I would have finished the race without Ben's help. I only wish he worked in Boston!
Highly Recommended Ben is highly professional and absolutely great at what he does. I’ve visited Ben for many years and have always been pleased. He is extremely knowledgeable in treating athletic related aches, pains and injuries. I have no reservations in recommending him to others.
Migraine help Since I started having a massage once a month, I have gone from having migraines very frequently to once every year or so. Ben is especially good at what he does. He doesn't just make my sore muscles feel better, he improves my movement and range of motion. I couldn't be as physically active as I am without him.